Design - Web/Print/Social:

Visual storyteller that designs with marketing objectives in mind.  Able to adopt and adapt to a wide variety of styles and brand aesthetics. Click here to view in slideshow mode.

Below are selected examples.  *Looking for a specific style?
*Please note I've worked for non-profits, Fortune 500 real estate companies, local residential realtors, performing arts organizations, and State of Texas agencies.  One of my value-propositions as a designer is that I can tailor my work to the needs and existing style/brand guidelines of my clients.  If you are concerned that these samples don't fit the style you're looking for, let's talk!


Poster design for Alabaster, presented by Shrewd Productions. (2020)

ellis popup

Web graphic for Ellis County Pet Resort (2022)

Brittany Haley Hair

Social Graphic for Brittany Haley Hair Stylist (2021)

Rain Falls Special On Me

Postcard for Rain Falls Special On Me for Ground Floor Theatre (2020)

OSPM banner

OSPM web banner for Texas Education Agency (2021)

Fun Home

Poster for Fun Home, presented by Ground Floor Theatre (2019)

Midsummer in Motion

Poster design for Midsummer in Motion, presented by Austin Bike Zoo (2012)


Facebook Cover banner for Shrewd Mountain Lodge (2022)

SSEC Landing Page

Mock-up for SSEC landing page for Texas Education Agency (2021)

Letters from Camp Shrewd

Facebook Event image for Letters from Camp Shrewd (2020)

The Dragon Play

Poster design for The Dragon Play, presented by Shrewd Productions (2012)

Dex and Abby

Poster design by Dex & Abby, presented by Ground Floor Theatre (2019)

Still Now

Postcard front for Still Now, presented by Shrewd Productions. (2014)

White Rabbit

Poster Design by White Rabbit Red Rabbit, presented by Ground Floor Theatre (2018)


Program ad for Glassheart, presented by Shrewd Productions (2013)


Autism Flyer for Texas Education Agency (2021)

This Uh...Body

Poster design for Austin Mime Theatre.


Banner ad for Tanzanite Smackdown for ShopLC (2012)

Memorial Day

Email design for Memorial Day sale for ShopLC (2006)

Las Cimas

Property ad for CBRE (2009)


Banner ad for Amethyst event for ShopLC (2012)

CBRE Client Presentation

Custom presentation for Isolux Corsan for CBRE (2011)

In Common

Book of Lists Ad for CBRE (2008)

Parkway Center

Suite of materials for open house for CBRE (2009)

Kidnapped by Craigslist

Poster for Kidnapped by Craigslist, presented by Shrewd Productions (2011)


Flyer design for Austin Shakespeare (2011)

large format presentations

Business Pitch materials in large and small formats for CBRE, Inc. (2011)

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