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See what peers, supervisors, and clients are saying about my work!

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Rachel Prochnow - Co-worker

Social Media Manager, Nehmedia, Inc.

"Shannon is invaluable to her team. Not only does she work exceptionally well with others in a collaborative environment, she is a master of digital marketing and cultivating positive, long-term relationships with clients. Incredibly innovative and creative, Shannon is constantly looking and developing new areas of growth for our agency and clients. An example of this was a Paid Social Media Program that Shannon spearheaded. Her work on this program proved lucrative to our agency as we gained several clients from it. Plus it produced over 200,000 impressions for our clients within the first week with a limited budget. Shannon is both a strategic and creative thinker with a myriad of skills to bring to the table."

Christina J. Moore - Supervisor/Advisor

Executive Director, ScriptWorks and FronteraFest, Advisory Board Member, Shrewd Productions

Re: Producing Artistic Director, Shrewd Productions
"They are company dedicated to feminism and multiculturalism in all facets of their work from producing women playwrights and hiring women and queer directors, to non-traditional and gender-queer casting. Under the able leadership of Shannon Grounds, the company has amassed a history of celebrated and award-winning productions."

Re: Marketing Director, FronteraFest

"Shannon was marketing director for our five week long performance festival, FronteraFest. She had to deal with over 100 participants, multiple venues and an ever-changing flow of information. She did it all with grace and professionalism."

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Saurel Dominique - Co-Worker

Co-Founder, Convo Technologies, Former SEO/PPC Strategist, ShopLC

"I worked with Shannon in the E-Commerce Marketing department at Liquidation Channel. I was impressed with the way she adapted from a full-time design role to taking on the strategic management of the affiliate marketing program. Using her extensive knowledge in a variety of disciplines, she was able to to quickly turn the affiliate program into a profitable marketing segment, building it almost from the ground up. Shannon tackles new projects with enthusiasm and isn't afraid to master new disciplines. Her ability to forge relationships and build key partnerships is what makes her an exceptional marketing manager."
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Churee Carrillo - Co-Worker

Franchise Owner, Hand & Stone Spa, Former Sr. Communications Manager at CBRE, Inc.

"Shannon is gifted in the areas of marketing and design. Her ability to create buzz and bring to life an area of real estate that demands intense scrutiny during pitch presentations is the best in the industry. Teaming with Shannon over the past two years has yielded national awards within the company and she is recognized by her peers for her ability to produce outstanding marketing pieces under extreme pressure. She is able to conceptualize projects beyond the competitors creative reach and demonstrates expertise in every area of her scope. I would work with Shannon on any project, any time knowing that the finished product would be superior to the original request."

Matt Rogers - Supervisor

Vice President - Market Development, Twilio, Inc., Former Brand Manager, Commemorative Brands, Inc.

"Shannon brings enormous energy and passion to her work. She looks for creative solutions to problems and keeps her cool in stressful situations. In her role at AAC she helped change the way we marketed our product and developed clear and effective advertising. She did a great job supporting the sales team and dealing directly with large customers."
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